About Rose And Dagger: A Portland Tattoo Shop

Rose & Dagger was founded by Portland Tattooer Eli Falconette in 2015. The shop that Eli built has served the Foster-Powell neighborhood and developed a great relationship with the Portland community. Falconette’s style reflects the type of classic imagery we see from artists like Mike Malone or Zeke Owens, while still demonstrating a personal touch that gives his work a very campy, lighthearted feel. The current owner, Holly Susuki became the shop’s owner in 2017 and presented a series of traditional themes by utilizing vibrant, saturated colors and gorgeous silhouettes. Both of these artists reflect the type of consistency and precision in their work that you can only expect from a Portland traditional tattoo shop, and it’s something that has truly set a standard in the Pdx community.

The art of tattooing has a really rich, complex history. We believe that the tattoo industry was meant to celebrate varying styles while still honoring a classic look. There's something to be said for artists that keep past traditions alive, and we stand by the importance of this in the way that we operate our business. As any Portland Tattooer can tell you, you can walk into a Portland Tattoo Shop on any odd corner and find a pretty consistent style. Typically, a Pdx Tattoo Shop will either focus on honoring traditional styles of tattooing and nothing else, or they will attempt to draw in customers with simple, quirky designs, or the latest trends you would find in pop culture. The thing that makes this business so special is our ability to find balance in both. While we market ourselves as a Portland traditional tattoo shop, we believe that art is something ever-evolving, and we take on artists that we feel demonstrate something unique and versatile, even in the execution of traditional tattoos.